Thursday, September 30, 2010

How To Create Incredibly Profitable Joint Ventures For Your Online Business!


It's been real long time since I updated this blog.
But, today I have something really exciting for you.

If you were to ask me what the most important thing to
learn in all of Internet marketing is, I would have to
say 'joint ventures'. Joint ventures are the absolute
fastest way to make a lot of money FAST.

Everywhere you look you see marketing gurus promoting
each others products to their readers and getting a
share of the profits. Often times a marketer with a
good sized list can make a five or even six figure
payday just by promoting someone else's offer.

Have you ever dreamed of having a well known guru
promote one of your products? Can you imagine yourself
rubbing shoulders with the Internet marketing elite,
and earning the kind of paydays that most
entrepreneurs only dream about? Joint ventures are the
key to making that dream come true.


Learning how to create successful joint ventures has
always been hit and miss. You had to learn by trial
and error, and it often took way too long to build up
the kind of reputation that would have reputable
marketers seeking you out to do business together.

Until now!

Michael Rasmussen has just released a
brand new video course called Joint Ventures Exposed,
and I believe this is just what you've been looking for.

This course will walk you through the process of
creating your very first joint venture from the ground
up. He'll also teach you how to build up a solid
reputation FAST, so you can become a highly sought
after JV partner.

If you've ever dreamed of being involved with those
huge JV promotions with the big marketing gurus, or if
you just want to start building profitable
relationships with other marketers, then you are
going to love Michael's new course.

And the best part? The course is totally free!

Get Joint Ventures Exposed Video Series

First Impression

Here's a brief summary of each video. Obviously it's
impossible to list every single point here, but I want
you to get a feel for what each one covers, and how
well it covers it.


This videos introduces you to the entire course, as
well as the teacher himself. You'll learn what you can
expect from the course, and why it's structured the
way it is.

This is a good lesson for all of us product developers.
If you want people to accept you
as an authority on any subject, you first need to
establish your credibility with the reader. That way
he's willing to relax, and trust that what you're
telling him is sound advice.


In this video, Michael gives you a street smart
education on what a joint venture actually is, and
also... what it is not. There are a lot of
misconceptions about joint ventures, and Michael does
a good job of giving you the education you need while
cutting out all the fluff.

Even if you're a seasoned pro, you'll want to watch
this video in order to get the foundational
distinctions that Michael covers throughout the whole


This will be a real eye opener for those who only
understand the basics of joint ventures. Michael will
reveal the four types of joint ventures he uses in his
own business that makes him maximum money in
minimum time.

I have a hunch that you'll be surprised at just how
many different types of joint ventures there are, and
after watching this video, your mind will be on fire
with all kinds of ideas for doing your next joint venture.


This is one of most crucial videos in the entire
course. Most marketers get it all wrong when they put
together a joint venture. They forget to do SO many
things, and it ends up turning off potential partners.
In this comprehensive video, Michael will make sure
that you're fully prepared to attract the top promoters.

You'll learn:

* The six components you need in your 'JV offer'
before you even think about contacting potential

* The most important requirement of any JV.

* How to make your offer more compelling to potential

* A 'sneaky' but completely honest way to create
fantastic JV deals. The best part? You can do it for free!


The greatest joint venture in the world is nothing
without people to promote it. In this video, Michael
sheds some light on one of the scariest parts of
creating a successful joint venture: How to approach
partners and get them involved.

You'll learn:

* How to identify likely JV partners, so you can know
how to approach them more effectively.

* Where to find good JV partners to approach (most
people don't even know where to look).

* What potential partners are looking for... so you
can give it to them and boost your odds of attracting
the best partners out there.

* The biggest mistakes people make when approaching
potential partners, and how to avoid them.

* How to negotiate the deal with your partner.

* How to protect yourself in the business


This is one of the most valuable videos in the entire
course, because it covers something that most
marketing teachers don't talk about. Sure, everyone
says that it's great to do joint ventures, but nobody
ever talks about the first impression that you give
prospective partners on your joint venture invitation
page. This video will make sure that your invitation
page is a winner.

You'll learn:

* The most important date you need to know before you
tell potential JV partners about your page.

* How to talk about your joint venture in a way that
appeals to your potential partners (once you learn how
to speak their language, you'll instantly set yourself
apart from 99% of the other marketers who are pitching
them on doing business together).

* Which links you need to include on the page,
including the most important link of all.

* The three types of sample emails you should provide
(most people get this completely wrong).

* How to build a list of your JV partners
automatically (this is super important for creating
future joint ventures with ease).


Now that you've done all the prep work, you need to
know what to do after you launch your joint venture.
Believe me, the work doesn't stop once everyone mails
out to their list. There are some specific things you
can do to keep everyone promoting so that everyone
makes more money.

You'll learn:

* The seven things you need to do after your launch to
make your JV end with a big bang (and a lot of profit).

* A simple tactic that can boost your sales by 30% or more.

* A powerful 'leveraging' technique that will get your
existing partners to help find you more JV partners.

* The #1 thing you must ask all your JV partners for
after your launch ends. Skip this, and you'll have to
start from scratch all over again on your next joint


Everyone makes mistakes in joint ventures. The smart
marketers are the ones who learn from the mistakes of
others, so that they don't have to make those same
mistakes themselves. In this video, Michael will show
you what those mistakes are, and how to avoid them so
you can make maximum profit with your next joint

You'll learn:

* The simplest JV mistake made by the vast majority of
online marketers out there, especially the ones
struggling to get started.

* What you can learn about joint ventures from one of
the most popular 'kids organizations' in the world.

* The biggest mistake most people make when it comes
to joint ventures, and how to avoid it.

* How to use an old, forgotten marketing principal to
skyrocket your joint venture success.

View Joint Ventures Exposed Videos


If you decide that you want to continue your
education, and get the biggest possible advantage, you
can also upgrade to the deluxe course for a small fee.
The deluxe course contains three full-length videos
that each cover one advanced topic in great detail.

Here's a breakdown of each advanced video:


In this video, you'll learn about an advanced concept
called 'joint venture brokering'. Some of the richest
marketers I know do nothing else but set other people
up together for joint ventures and then collect a fat
commission. The profit potential for this virtually
unknown business is enormous!

You'll learn:

* How to get other marketers to consider you the 'eBay
of joint venture marketing'. HINT: The few people who
are doing this are quietly making a killing online!

* The step-by-step process of becoming a joint
venture broker, even if you're completely unknown
in the online marketing world.

* Word for word... the exact emails you can send to
both product developers and list owners to get them

* The #1 thing you MUST do to protect yourself and
make sure that you get paid (if you skip this, you
might as well kiss your profits goodbye).


This one video alone could make you more money than
anything else you study this year. Most marketers have
no idea what goes on behind the closed doors of the
world's top Internet marketers. Deals are being struck
all the time, and partnerships are being formed that
create hundreds of thousands of dollars in new profit.

Michael says that if there's one secret to his success
with joint ventures, it's his JV mastermind. In this
video, he'll walk you through the exact steps to
create one of your own.

You'll learn:

* How an old book from the 1930's holds the secret to
your success in joint ventures, and how you can use
this book's biggest secret to skyrocket your success.

* What a joint venture mastermind is, and why you need
to form one immediately!

* How to attract successful marketers to your
mastermind group, and get them to participate.

* How to leverage your mastermind partners to create
new products and deals that will attract the BIG BOY
marketers, and make them want to promote your offer.


Nothing motivates JV partners to promote like a good
contest. The smartest marketers always have some kind
of contest to help give their partners incentive to
keep promoting. After watching this video, you'll be
ready to hold your own contest, and you can enjoy
watching JV partners try to out-promote each other...
while you keep making more money every time they do!

You'll learn:

* What a JV contest is... and no, the answer isn't
quite as obvious as you might think.

* How to structure your contest, including what prizes
to offer and why.

* How to spread the word about your contest so you can
attract the highest quality JV partners around.

* Where and when to tell prospective JV partners about
your contest (the answer will surprise you).

Apart from this Michael has LOADS of targeted bonuses for you.


Whew! That was a lot of information, and I hope it
helped you decide to check out Michael Rasmussen's
Joint Ventures Exposed video course. Remember the
course is absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose.

So go ahead and check out Joint Ventures Exposed right
now, and see what all the fuss is about. I highly
recommend that you upgrade to the deluxe course as
well, since the content in those last three videos
could make you more money than the first eight videos
combined! Plus the bonuses are much more rewarding than the
small amount you pay.

Here's the URL one last time:

Joint Ventures Exposed video course

Amar Mehta

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

10 Instant Affiliate Video Businesses


It's been real long time since I posted here.

My friend Venkata has teamed up with IM Buzz gang, Calvin Woon and Jonathan Teng. They are giving away 10 Video Squeeze Pages for tried and tested affiliate products that you can use, upload to your host, and promote for commissions by tonight:

Get Affiliate Power Videos now!

This is a must have for hardcore affiliate marketers and anyone who wants to expand their income stream without creating another product.

I've been following their development before the official launch and I see merits in Affiliate Power Videos for Internet Marketers is because:

- they have already done research and tested over 10 proven products that convert well for affiliates,

- to make things better, they are also giving away the custom Video Squeeze Pages together, letting you build your own list too,

- and you get 5 new ones every month after that!

This means you can take your affiliate marketing results to the next level, save time on researching affiliate programs and definitely start generating traffic and leads today.

I know you might be thinking that the membership is going to cost you maybe $97 up to even $297 a month.

... But what if I were to tell you that you can get your Silver access now at $0.00?

Yep, that's right. Get your Silver access here for no money down - no catches or hidden cost for trying the Silver access:

Get Affiliate Power Videos now!

To your success,
Amar Mehta

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mini Site Profits Exposed - Review


It's been long time since I wrote on this blog.

Most Internet marketers understand that having mini
sites is the fastest and easiest way to make money
online. They don't require a lot of time, energy, or
money to set up, and once you've got one up and
running, you can sit back and just collect money from
all the sales you're making.

At least... that's how it's supposed to be, right?

The truth is that mini sites really ARE easy to set
up. They really DON'T require much time, energy, and
money to set up. So why is it that so few people
actually make money with their mini sites?

The answer is that they never learned how to actually
turn their mini site into a profitable moneymaker that
runs completely on autopilot. The good news is...


Here's what this is all about: My colleague Michael
Rasmussen has just released a brand new video course
that will walk you through the process of creating a
killer mini site from the ground up, and then he'll
also teach you how to actually start making money with
it right away and into the future.

If you've been looking for help with monetizing your
mini sites, then this is exactly what you need. The
best part? The videos are FREE! I'll tell you more
about that later. First, let's talk about the videos

If you're in a hurry, you can just check the
videos out right now for free. Here's the URL:


It's important to note that these are online videos
that you access from your web browser. Michael uses
Camtasia Studio to create these videos, which is the
premier software program for creating screen capture
tutorials such as these.

The first thing I noticed when I hit the play button
on the first video was the incredible production
quality. These are NOT your ordinary screen capture
videos. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen someone
make videos that are this high quality before.

He uses beautifully created graphics to pass his
wisdom along to you, and the sound quality is the
highest you will ever hear in an Internet marketing
product. They sound like they were recorded in a
professional studio.

Michael explained to me that he was sick and tired of
seeing all the low quality videos out there, and so he
set out to create something different in order to
raise the bar in our industry. I think that, when you
see Mini Site Profits Exposed for yourself, you'll
agree that he has succeeded.

Now let's move onto...


Here's a brief summary of each video. Obviously
it's impossible to list every single thing here,
but I want you to get a feel for what each one
covered, and how well it covered it.

If you're in a hurry, you can just check the
videos out right now for free. Here's the URL:


This videos introduces you to the entire course, as
well as the teacher himself. You'll learn what you can
expect from the course, and why it's structured the
way it is.

Michael realizes that you may not have heard of him,
and so he spends some time establishing his
credibility with you by sharing some of his biggest
successes. It doesn't come across as bragging at all.
Michael explains that, in order for you to get value
from the teachings, you need to have faith that the
teacher actually knows what he's talking about. By the
end of this video, you will have no doubt.

By the way, this is a good lesson for all of us
product developers. If you want people to accept you
as an authority on any subject, you first need to
establish your credibility with the reader. That way
he's willing to relax, and trust that what you're
telling him is sound advice.


This video will introduce you to the basics of mini
site marketing. This will set the foundation that all
future learning will rest upon, so it's important to
pay close attention to this one.

You'll learn:

* What mini-sites are, and what makes them different
from regular content sites.

* Which businesses they work well for… and which ones
they don’t.

* The right mindset to have when it comes to creating
mini sites as part of your online business strategy.

* And the different tools you need to get started.

This was a great video, and did an excellent job of
kicking things off, and building the foundation for
the rest of the course.


This is probably one of the most useful videos of the
entire course. Every Internet marketer needs to build
an email list, but how do you do it? What is the best
way to capture the most opt-ins?

The answer is 'squeeze pages'. This video will teach

* Why using a squeeze page is far superior to other
opt-in methods.

* The single most important thing you must include at
the top of your squeeze page to skyrocket your opt-in

* The secret structure of a squeeze page, and why most
marketers get it wrong (which costs them a LOT of

* The most important to include in your opt-in process
that will make sure that people actually receive your email.

After watching this video, you'll know everything you
need to know to start building a massive opt-in list
right away. This will probably be the first video that
you 'take action' on. You'll be so excited about the
possibilities, that I guarantee you'll go and create
your own squeeze page right away.


Nothing happens until the sales copy is written.
Graphics alone will never sell a product, but sales
copy alone WILL. This video begins to demystify the
mysterious process of writing words that make people
whip out their credit cards and buy.

Specifically, you'll learn:

* Why you need to learn copywriting, even if you “hate
to write”

* What a compelling offer looks like, and how to tell
the difference.

* How to write an eyeball-grabbing headline that
practically forces your readers to go through your
entire page.

* A simple trick you can use in your opening to make
your reader want to learn more.

There is no skill that is more important to your
success than the ability to write killer sales copy.
Make sure you pay extra attention to this video, as
well as...


This video dives right into the individual components
of a killer sales letter. You'll learn how to create
the "secret structure" of a mini site sales letter
that makes big money. Specifically, you'll learn:

* How to create captivating body copy that draws your
reader into the sales letter.

* Bullets that force your reader to keep reading the
whole page, and makes them insanely curious and want
to buy your product

* How to take the risk off people's shoulders, so
they'll feel safe buying from you.

* How to craft your 'call to action', and get people
to whip out their credit cards and buy immediately.

* The secrets of writing a killer P.S. that helps seal
the deal, and flip your prospect into a buyer

This video covered a surprising amount of detail,
especially considering that this course is not
specifically about copywriting. Michael Rasmussen is
definitely someone who overdelivers in his educational


Unless you want to be chained to your computer, you
must learn how to put your mini sites on autopilot.
The only thing you should be doing is driving traffic,
and letting the site itself do all the work, including
the work of instantly delivering the product to the

This video will walk you through the process of
automating your product delivery, so you can just
relax, and collect the money. The best part is... once
you have this automated system set up, you never have
to touch it again.


This video is guaranteed to be an eye opener for
almost everyone who watches it, even the experienced
marketers. Michael dives into some of the most
effective 'upselling' techniques that I've ever seen.

Nowhere else on the Internet have I seen such a
thorough tutorial on how to increase the 'size' of
your orders. You'll learn:

* The psychology of 'upselling', and how to use it
make your customer spend even more money with you.
The best part? He'll think it was his idea!

* The absolute best time to upsell your customer. This
one will surprise you when you realize how much money
you've been leaving on the table by skipping this

* 5 simple techniques to increase your profit by up to

If you've already got a mini site that's up and
running, this video will make a big difference for you
right away. Use any of these 'plug and profit'
strategies to increase your income literally


If there's one thing I've noticed that all successful
marketers have in common, it's that they have a great
affiliate program. They create a program that allows
other people to make good money by promoting their
products, and they get to just sit back and relax,
while everyone else is doing the hard work of
promoting FOR them.

If you've ever dreamed of having an army of motivated
sales people working hard to make you money, then
you're going to love this video. Michael will teach

* What an affiliate program is, and how to set one up
very quickly.

* Exactly what tools you need to give your affiliates
(most people miss the mark here, so pay extra
attention to this part).

* Why merely having an affiliate program is NOT enough
to convince people to sign up, and what you can do
instead to have people eagerly trying to become one of
your affiliates.

* How to motivate affiliates to sell for you.


Let's face it... it's not enough to explain what you
should do. You also need to know what mistakes you
should avoid. Michael has already made these costly
mistakes, but you don't have to. You'll learn:

- Why people do judge a book by its cover... and how to
capitalize on that for your mini-site

- The single biggest reason people don’t buy from a
mini site, and how you can apply this 'instant fix'.

- The single biggest thing that will kill your
mini-site (it's not what you think, and making this
mistake is a surefire way to drain money from your
bank account FAST!)

- Two list building mistakes that’ll cripple your
long-term profits.


This video will walk you through the process of
designing a product line that will make you a TON of
money. There's a lot more to it than you'd think,
which is why this important concept (which was taken
from direct marketing) gets it's own video.

After watching this video, you'll understand why you
can't just have a single front end product, and you'll
know exactly what to do in order to get your customer
to keep buying more and more expensive products from
you... completely on autopilot!

This video is a MUST for any serious marketer who
wants to make a lot of money from their online


The title of this video says it all. You'll learn
all of Michael's secrets for getting top notch
freelancers to help you create your mini site empire
in record time.

Let's face it, you can't be an expert at everything
that mini sites require. For example, it's really
tough to be a top notch graphic designer, while also
mastering HTML, and then becoming a killer
copywriter, on top of also creating the product

And the list goes on and on. If you want to be
efficient, and begin making money as fast as
possible, outsourcing is the secret to making it
happen. This video will show you exactly what to do,
as well as some common (and very expensive) pitfalls
to avoid.


Let's face it... it doesn't matter how great your
mini site is if you don't get any traffic coming to
it. Getting traffic can be one of the most confusing
and mysterious parts of making money online IF you
don't get the proper education.

Thankfully, Michael really dives in, and gives you a
lightning fast education in this area. Specifically,
you'll learn:

* How to use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to get
targeted traffic fast.

* 3 ways to get targeted traffic without spending a

* 2 ways to leverage the experience and contacts of
other people to explode your traffic.

* 3 traffic strategies to avoid like the plague!

By the time you're done with this video, you'll know
what to do right away to begin driving targeted
visitors to your mini site.

Wow, you get all those videos for free? Click
here to check out the Mini Site Profits Exposed
course for yourself.


Mini Site Profits Exposed comes with 12 videos, and
has more content than most 300 dollar home study
courses. And did I mention that it's free?

If you decide that you want to continue your
education, and get the biggest possible advantage, you
can also upgrade to the deluxe course for a small fee.
The deluxe course contains four full-length videos
that each cover one advanced topic in great detail.

Here's a breakdown of each video:


This deluxe video could easily be a whole course in
itself. It walks you though the entire process of
setting up a back end that is completely automated
using an autoresponder system.

You'll learn how to set up your autoresponder to
automatically remove a person from your prospect list
after he buys, and then insert him into your customer
list. This is where your new autoresponder sequence
will start promoting your back end products

Bottom line... if you want to make the big bucks like
all the Internet marketing gurus, you need to create a
back end that works hard for you while you're out
creating new mini sites and developing new products.
This video will show you how.


In this deluxe video, Michael will walk you through
some of his best tactics for growing a massive list
from your mini site. He'll not only teach you what to
add to your mini site, but he'll also show you what
you must REMOVE from your mini site in order to get
the most possible subscribers.

Building a list is about SO much more than just
offering a free newsletter. In fact, Michael shows you
five different things you can offer your readers to
get them to instantly give you their name and email.

You'll also learn the best places to actually put the
opt-in email form on your mini site. You'll also learn
about pop ups and tell-a-friend scripts, as well as a
bunch of other incredible tactics for growing your

I have a hunch that you'll find yourself referring to
this video over and over again.


When you think about all the 'stuff' you can do to
drive traffic to your site, it's hard to know what you
should focus on first. This video will walk you
through the four most important marketing activities
you can do to drive traffic to your mini site.

Once you master these four, you'll never have to
wonder what you should do when you start a new mini
site. You'll have an easy-to-follow road map for
driving tons of targeted prospects to your site, so
you can begin making money ASAP!


In this final deluxe video, Michael will reveal his
best kept secrets for squeezing maximum profit out of
any mini site. These are techniques that you have NOT
seen before, so you'll want to pay extra close
attention to this one.

Think about it... if you're going to put the time in,
and set up a mini site the proper way (like Michael
shows you in these videos), then it only makes sense
that you'd want to make the most amount of money
possible from it.

In this video, you'll learn:

- How changing one sentence on your mini site could
double your profits easily.

- How to instantly increase the dollar amount of your
average order (which puts more money into your

- The one thing you must add to your 'download page'
that will instantly increase your income (with no
extra work, once this thing is put into place).

- How to turn your actual product into a money making


Whew! That was a lot of information, and I hope it
helped you decide to check out Michael Rasmussen's
Mini Site Profits Exposed video course. Remember the
course is absolutely free, so you have nothing to

Michael believes that it's important for him to prove
himself to you before he ever asks you to buy anything
from him. He wants to show you that he will deliver
you the absolute best education available anywhere,
and he'll gladly do it for free... just to win you

So go ahead and check out Mini Site Profits Exposed
right now, and see what all the fuss is about. I
highly recommend that you upgrade to the deluxe
course as well. Here's the URL:

Amar Mehta

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Do you really want to become Bandit for List?


It's been real long time since I posted. I was just busy in one large project I was managing for my day's job. I work as Senior Project Manager with leading IT company. So, last 4 months I hardly got time to do anything.

You can get the latest Premium Products at No Cost from Give Me My Bonuses.

I thought of reviewing Gary Ambrose's latest offering List Bandit. First I was skeptical, will it be same as his other 3 sites The List Machine, Your Lucky List and Triple Your List. These are sites are good, but there was nothing great about it. I mean, I couldn't find much difference between List Dot Com and these sites. But, List Bandit is different from these sites.

It seems to be a good List Building system. The main concept is similar to The List Machine and Your Lucky List i.e. you can build a list of verified opt-in prospects and send them mailing. But, this one is with BIG Twists.

Apart from the main concept, there are 2 new concepts that Gary has introduced in this one, which makes it so far the best list building site. Trust me, I am not exaggerating. I will give it higher rank than the other 3 sites by Gary himself, List Dot Com and others I have used. This is because of the twists - a) Downline Builder and b) Co-Reg List Building on Steroids.

These twist allow you to build list better and faster than others.

If you haven’t got your membership pass to List Bandit then get it right here.

Have a good one!

Amar Mehta



Thursday, January 18, 2007

Give Me My Bonuses


It's been a long time since I blogged...

Why? Because I working really hard on putting together a portal that you can use to promote several Bonuses and when you give it away (yes, you will give it away); people will thank you for your generosity! :)

If you are in hurry, here is the link:

I have set it up in such a way that you can giveaway the portal for following scenarios:

- Bonus for Signing up your newsletter
- Bonus for Buying your product
- Bonus for Buying affiliate product using your link
- Great offering for Giveaways

These are only some scenarios that I could think of, use your imagination for other possibilities!

Before you start thinking, how much will it cost you, let me tellyou it will cost you nothing! :)

I have even goen to the extent of hosting your replica site/portal on my web server.
So, you don't have to worry about anything.

Enough said... here is the link where you can go and view now:

Please do drop your feedback as to how you find it.

Best regards,
Amar Mehta


Monday, November 13, 2006

Is Internet Marketing Dead or Live and Kicking?


I am sure you must have already received tons of e-mails in your inbox yesterday from all IM lists you are subscribed to about Mike Filsaime’s latest report titled “The Death of Internet Marketing”.

I have read through the complete report and I will be honest with you, if this report was not made available free and Mike would have sold it at $47 - $57, I would have happily paid it. I am saying this after reading all 59 pages of the content. I am not saying this to create hype or to make you download this report. I spent more than an hour to read up the complete report (it says 27 minutes on the site, which is wrong). If you want to only read it might be faster if you have good reading speed, but if you want to absorb the information given in the report and let it sink through your brain to start applying the strategies for your online business, then should read it at the pace convenient to you. I will recommend printing out the report and reading it at least couple of times. Also, make notes while you are reading it.

Let me give you a glimpse of what you will learn in this report:
- Why it is important for you to realize your Vision to align your online business for maximum profits
- Product Launch Overdose and how to deal with it
- How to identify Wolf in sheep’s clothing to avoid losing focus of your online business
- David Vs Goliath and what you want to be
- Lifeline services and why you need to have at least one created by yourself to survive in coming years
- Why you should learn to say “No” to JV offers

Three very important strategies I learnt from the report are:
- The Skull Strategy
- Bulldozer Launch Strategy &
- The Long Tail Strategy

Now, let me warn you that this is not a “How-to” report that will cover “Step-by-step” process of implementing any strategy, in fact that’s one of the reasons Mike states at the end of the report why he didn’t charge for this report. But the information shared by Mike in this report is Premium information; in the sense that, the information shared here is something he has been sharing with his Mastermind group or his paid customers, or something he has learnt from his coaching from Rich Schefren. He reveals some trends that will be wide prevalent in 2007, so, use this report as your guidebook to what to expect in IM in 2007.

Bottom line, Internet Marketing is not dead, it is very much alive and kicking, but the way we have been marketing in IM niche HAS to change to achieve the results we have seen in the past, because strategies have been over used, which makes people immune to the well crafted campaigns from copywriting perspective. It’s time you raise the bar.

Highly recommended report to know about current and future trends.

Download The Death of Internet Marketing Report Now!


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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Witness First Ever Adsense Live Case Study


We have heard a lot that Adsense can make great money on auto-pilot. There were quite a few products released in recent past to equip you for doing the same. But no one has shown what strategies they *actually* use for earning living out of Adsense.

But that's about to change... Witness it Now!

- For the first time ever in Internet Marketing history, you can watch a live case study of an actual MONEY-MAKING site being built right before your eyes.
- You'll be able to witness the entire step-by-step process to turn a blank website into an automatic revenue generator.
- You can see EVERYTHING, including the cpanel, AdSense earnings, affiliate earnings, traffic generated, search engine spidering, EVERYTHING.
- You'll get the keys to be able to create AS MANY of these Internet cash machines as you want.
- You'll be able to discover the no cost methods to automatically get 100 or more visitors per day, everyday, within 24 hours of building your site
- You'll be able to discover how to get your sites indexed in major search engines (Google, Yahoo) within 24 hours, and appear on the first page of those search engines for many keywords.

All these in form of vidoes of live site. Access Videos Now!

JP Schoeffel took up the task of allowing people to witness what he is doing and how he is driving more than 2500 visitors unique visitors to his brand new site using Free techniques. He also shows you how he generated $85 just from Adsense during 3 weeks with 1 site that generated 100 leads for him.

He has divided this live casr study in 10 videos
Video 1 covers the Resources you need to get started. He covers the areas like Niche Selection, Domain Name Selection, Keyword Research, Gathering Content, Gathering Graphics and Building the site.

Video 2 covers traffic generation aspect and search engine indexing aspects. Here JP reveals a really effective Social Networking site. He also covers Social Bookmarking in detail and finally shows you blogging with WordPress.

Video 3 here is where things get exciting. The first 2 videos covered how JP prepared for his site and how you too can do it. You can see it many other free or paid videos availabel online. But from 3rd video onwards you will discover what is not shown anywhere else, i.e. the actual results after 24 hours and 48 hours of launch of the site. Nothing censored, you witness things as they are! :)

Video 4 a smart marketer keeps a tab on the performance parameters that s/he has set and than tweaks/changes aspects of campagains if s/he is not getting desired results. This video is clearly to demonstrate that. How to analyze your adsense stats, how to optimize your site and how to promote affiliate programs. Very good learning here.

Video 5 here JP shows you the result of site after optimization and further tweaking. He also builds newsletter for the site.

Video 6 this video covers the latest trafiic technique... MySpace Marketing. JP shows you how to generate traffic on demand.

Video 7 learning from others mistakes and then arriving at the best practises can put you on fast track on Internet Markeing. That's what you can do viewing this video. JP covers the results of his site at the end of first week and the best practises you should follow for your site. Shorten the learning curve.

Video 8 and Video 9 cover the results of site at the end of 2nd and 3rd week respectively, very interesting ibservations here. You can see what to expect and how small changes you did in previous week can have profound effects. EVery small thing can produce result in some sort.

Video 10 As of today this is not released (releasing on 11/15). Here JP is planning to conclude the video series and show you the steps forward.

I liked to view all these videos and I am sure you will like it too.

Access Videos Now!

You will pay NOTHING to get instant access to this video series.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, JP calls this Visitor Sense!

Amar Mehta

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